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From :  "alex" <>  
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Subject :  Mama said knock you out  
Date :  Thu, 4 Nov 2004 11:59:59 +09:00  
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I play a lot of Dawn of War at work. Half the pleasure lies in learning the associated jargon - in particular in being able to properly use the word 'owned', which you can't really do until you've grasped the context in which the term arose. But the feeling of satisfaction that comes with using it, when at last you understand how completely apt it is, is very intense. Like when I first really understood what a 'camper' was.

The other thing I find myself learning is the range of different levels you need to consider an RTS game on. The difficulty is that if I focus on the economic aspects I lose sight of the military ones and lose, and if I focus on my units as military entities rather than assets that can be moved around and used to negotiate with other enemy assets, then I wind up losing again. In a weird way the game is and isn't about soldiers fighting battles, which is sort of intriguing and deeply confusing at the same time.

And I finally used the phrase 'all your base are belong to us'. I know it's cheesy and lame and overdone, but at the time all my little guys were in his base and it was on fire and bits of it were exploding every now and then, and it was actually true.

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